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Church at 7391 Prairie Falcon, Suite 150A, Las Vegas, NV 89128

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  • Words cannot even begin to express my experience at Dunamis ARC! I love it! It's become more than just a church for me, but a family! There is so much freedom here! I have learned so much about the prophetic, it's unbelievable! I would have to say that my favorite part of Dunamis ARC is the people as well as the worship services! Definitely need to check it out and try it for yourself if you haven't! There's no way you can come to Dunamis and not walk away with encountering the Holy Spirit. People from all around the world such as Europe and South America come to visit this small church because of the amazing things God is doing! Now its your turn! Be blessed! :D

    Added July 06, 2017 by Andrew Limas
  • Amazing church. Fantastic Pastor, people, worship, and leadership.

    Added May 21, 2017 by Chris Kirschman
  • It is very I interesting that all of the reviews are either five stars or one star (one being the lowest available). As the founder of Dunamis we have always tried to walk in love and grace. We believe in salvation an restoration for people. The negative comments on this site are all from people who are desiring to attack a person we embraced and protected from injustice. I thank God that we are being attacked for doing what Jesus would have done. Don't let the negative comments keep you from experiencing Dunamis. You will find the sweet presence of Jesus here.

    Added May 11, 2017 by Dennis Walker
  • Hi Dunamis Team,
    I just wanted to tell you how awesome you all are, and how much you are appreciated for all you do in impacting the Las Vegas valley, and many of the local ministries. Your hearts and generosity are not un-noticed, especially by our GOD...! Thank you, and may the LORD continue to pour HIS Blessings upon you, and cause you to prosper and be a source of power and provision to all you have contact with (and beyond).
    In His Love & Service,
    Ron Scarpa

    Added April 15, 2017 by Ron Scarpa
  • I first went to Dunamis half a year ago. I already knew about it through my parents and I have met people from there. I want to keep it short because there would be too many things to say. When I went there I was overwhelmed by the intense presence of the Lord. Everybody welcomed and loved me like their brother they have always known. I was blessed with many prophecies and prayers and I encountered Him in in so many ways. The worship is awesome and the teachings helped me growing in the spirit and as a person. It is sad to see all these negative reviews attacking Dunamis with lies or unjustified assumptions. I have never faced any of the things described.

    All I can tell is that I felt loved, was blessed and encouraged every time I went there.

    Added February 27, 2017 by joh mühli
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